I am an artist at heart; I love anything to do with design. You may occasionally find me getting giddy over a beautiful new font. Want a logo for your company or just for you? Send me an e-mail and we can start designing something that is just for you. Below are a few examples of companies that got just what they wanted:

Hillary Nicole Photography

An up and coming photographer, Hillary Nicole, told me that as she grew up, she could always be found drawing swirls. The swirl is just “her.” I took that idea and gave it, and her signature color, chartreuse, an urban feel.

Pinnacle West Homes Logo

This budding construction company based in Arizona asked me to design their logo. They are using this logo on all company collateral.

And Everything Nice Cakes Logo

This small company asked me to create a name, logo and help design the blog. This stay-at-home mom designs delicious cakes for all occasions.

Picture to Portrait

Another developing company run by a stay-at-home mom takes your pictures and turns them into beautiful art pieces. I developed the logo and helped market the blog.


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