Dick and JoAnn Losee

While working for The Daily Universe as Special Sections Coordinator, my coworker and I had the opportunity to interview Dick and JoAnn Losee, of Losee Jewelers in Provo, Utah. We were given three pages in The DU’s magazine, The Bridal Guide, and filled them up with this feature story. It was a fantastic experience.

Local First Utah

One of my first stories as a reporter for The Daily Universe. I loved this story because it gave me a chance to go to Provo’s Farmer’s Market and walk around and talk with people, with whom I probably would not have spoken.

National Security Agency in Utah

This was a pretty big story for me – I did a lot of research on Utah’s new NSA site. I was very pleased when the story came out on the front page of The DU.

KiK News Release

I did some volunteer work for a small non-profit organization called, KiK. “Kindness in Kids” provides used soccer equipment for under-privileged children all over the world. We organized an event and I wrote a few news releases on the subject.


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